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Bengal & Asian Leopard Kittens

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Asian Leopard Kitten


We are Bengal breeders  as well as Exotic animal keepers based in West  Wiltshire

 We breed quality Asian Leopard Cats & Early Generation Bengal kittens and have litters throughout the year.


We currently breed:

Asian Leopard Cubs

F1,F2 & F3 Bengal Kittens

Brown spotted/rosetted Bengals

Silver spotted/rosetted Bengal Kittens

Occasionally Marbled Bengal Kittens



Our aim is for quality, not quantity, so please join our kitten list to avoid disappointment!  


We register all litters with TICA (The International Cat Association).    


We can also microchip your kitten if requested.  


All of our cats, apart from the stud cat, live in the house with us and are brought up around children and other pets.  


We have fantastic support from our Exotic Veterinarian.  


We are also Carrying Agents for Exotic & DWA Animals.    

We are very fortunate to have our own DWA Quarantine Unit, allowing us to have some fantastic animals coming to stay with us!


Please contact us if you wish to hear more about any of our services!

Fantastic example of a beautiful rosetted Asian Leopard Cat born here at Utaneko Bengals.


We do have occasional litters of ALC please contact us to placed on our waiting list or see kitten page for availability.


Asian Leopard Cats do require a Dangerous Wild Animals Licence.  For any advice please contact us.